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A cairn is a rock structure designed to guide hikers on the easiest and safest traverse toward the summit of a mountain, or to point the way on a trail or a road. Simplistic, yet functional and sturdy, they are an accurate representation of how a quality system should be designed. Cairns are crafted by those who wish to guide others on the right path, and in this spirit, Cairn Brewery Solutions was born. Let us do the work, so you can enjoy the journey to success!

Cairn Brewery Solutions provides consultative services to drive the development of pragmatic, functional laboratory, and quality testing systems for the craft brewery. Whether it is assessing existing lab space, training of laboratory personnel, developing cleaning techniques, or starting from absolute square one, we are here to guide you toward the personalized solution that best fits your needs. Based on the rigorous quality standards required by the FDA, Cairn Brewery Solutions will ensure that your quality system leaves no stone unturned when it comes to documentation, testing, and traceability.

The demonstrated growth of the craft beer industry leaves no doubt that there is always room for creativity, as well as no shortage of fresh ideas from the masterminds behind new brewing ventures. Your product is only as good as the quality system behind it – and in a world where it pays to stand out, a consistently high-quality product will ensure you will be able to compete. Your growth – and your reputation – depend on it.

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Your time, and how you spend it, is precious. As a new brewery, your focus is getting your product to accounts and in the hands of the consumer. While you’re perfecting your craft, we’re working to help you develop a turnkey quality system that you and your staff can easily integrate into your daily routine.

Cairn Brewery Solutions’ quality system development is modeled after the Food and Drug Administration’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP): the same standards used to govern manufacturing and quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. With our experience and background, you’ll be getting a quality system developed right the first time, consistent with Agency guidance. While the standards are stringent, they can be easily tailored to meet your specific needs without compromising on delivery.

Our services are flexible, and best of all – affordable! We will work directly with you to determine how we can best meet your needs, and your initial consultation is complimentary!

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Because there’s so much more to protecting your product than just plugging in a microscope. A true quality system encompasses all areas of your production process – from raw materials to the perfect pour – and is important at every step to ensure that the product leaving your facility is of the highest quality and safe for the consumer. We’ll help you make sure that your product, as well as the equipment used in processing, is consistently monitored to ensure performance and quality output.

The time to develop a quality system is not after it’s too late. Billions of dollars – as well as reputations – are lost every year by breweries having to recall product due to contamination or physical defect. For you, the new kid on the block, a hit to your reputation and your wallet from a contaminated product right out of the gate will have you scrambling – or sink you.

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Hell hath no fury like a customer with a Yelp account that’s fallen ill after visiting your taproom!

If you have a taproom or a brewpub and are serving your beers in-house, there’s still quality control checkpoints that need to exist so that your customers are protected. The CDC estimates that foodborne illness impacts about 48 million people per year; while it rarely results in hospitalization or death, it nearly always results in hesitation to return to your establishment. You want your product to be top notch, regardless of how far it travels to get to the customer.

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If desired, we can help with candidate vetting to find the right personnel to fulfill your quality control needs. While we will not take part in the interview process or selection, we can help you determine what skills and qualifications the right candidate should possess.

We will be available for assistance for 6 months after end of service to make sure you’re doing okay and that everything is running smoothly. Additional support after the six-month period will be available at an hourly rate.

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While we could quip that ‘quality is priceless’, we fully understand your budgeting considerations and are happy to work with you to find a reasonable solution. Spending a bit more up front can save you a lot more down the road. Your initial consultation is complimentary so we can get to know one another and see if we’ll be a good fit for your needs. Contact us to schedule your time today!

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